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Bertha Seablom

The Seablom Family

This web site is a meeting place for descendants of Bertha Seablom. Look for the Seablom Family News mailing list here, as well as family photographs, personal web sites, and information about the family tree. Family members are encouraged to submit photos of general interest to share with others in our extended family.

If you're descended from Bertha Seablom or related to someone who is, you're invited to join us. This site is dedicated to promoting better communication and understanding in the extended Seablom family. It's our hope to share something of our lives with the extended family, and get to know people we may have never met before. Hello, cousin/second cousin/aunt/uncle!

Contributions from Members


The 2013 Seablom Family Reunion


Mick & Lois Appreciated at Codger's Cove
Duane's 'Judy' in a German Magazine


Aeroplane article from Duane
Progress on the dive bomber
Glen, Joy & Family


Andrea's Gymnastics Meet
Flowers at Janet Hanson's house
Mick & Lois' 50th anniversary party


Donavon Hanson at Christmas 2008
Britton and Gavin
Charlie & Pat Visit Nashville
Charlie & Pat's Cross Country Trip
Joyce Mills' New Deck
Charlie Hikes Mt. Baker
Nathan in Iraq
Nashville Symphony
The Ten Year Quilt
Mt. Baker Alpenglow


Ann Lundgren & her train set
Snow in Los Angeles
Building a Mirror
Making a Peach Carousel Pie
First vote in the county?
Ken & Pat visit Nathan & Bethanie
Ken & Pat in Bogota, 2008
Cayden is born!
Dining in Tennessee
Terri & Don with Hilma's Quilt
Aricin Axel
A Gourd
Charlie's Reunion '08 Photos
Duane's Reunion '08 Photos
Charlie's Westbound Train Trip
In Memory of Charlotte Tvedt
Cayden visits Harold Hansen
Gary & Jeanne's Reunion '08 Photos
Della's Eight Children
From Charlotte's Memorial Service
Snow in Oak Harbor


An Outing at Laguna Beach w/Mick & Lois
Bob & Suzy's Honeymoon Cruise
Charlie's Spring Yellow Flowers
Nathan Lundgren Lands at Grand Rapids
Hilma & Curt in Vancouver BC
Hilma & Curt on the ferry to Victoria BC
Hilma & Curt at the Butchart Gardens
The 'Mini Family Reunion' in Vancouver BC
Alaska Cruise, Day 1 - Vancouver
Alaska Cruise, Day 2 - Inside Passage
Alaska Cruise, Day 3 - Ketchikan
Alaska Cruise, Day 4 - Hubbard Glacier
Alaska Cruise, Day 5 - Juneau & Taku Glacier Lodge
Alaska Cruise, Day 6 - Icy Strait Point
Alaska Cruise, Day 7 - Mom's Birthday, Inside Passage
Alaska Cruise, Day 8 - Back in Vancouver
Patty Sweetin turns 49!
Kathy's Wounded Finger
Charlie's Cups
Thanksgiving 2007 w/Duane & Ann
The Grand Ole Opry at the Ryman Auditorium
Charlie's left handed example


Randy Nedegaard's promotion to Lt. Colonel
The Nedegaards fly to England
Nedegaard England Journey: Part II, Ely
Nedegaard England Journey: Part III, Warwick
Nedegaard England Journey: Part IV, London, Day 1
Nedegaard England Journey: Part V, London, Day 2
Charlie presents: Whidbey critters
Patty Sweetin turns 48!
Brian & Helen Whisman Get Married
Duane's Photos from LCR III
Suzy Willie Marries Bob Bambrick
Photos from Brian & Helen Whisman's wedding
Cindy Purifoy's photos of a Kansas fall


Carol Reed's New Hutch
Bethany (Hansen) and Michael Sampson's Wedding
Jenny Yount's new dog
Cyndi Lundgren's new vanity
Charlie Seablom visits Nathan Lundgren
Duane Lundgren turns 60
Hilma Seablom on John Seablom's cart
Andrea Lundgren's Recital
June photos from Cindy Purifoy
Duane & Ann Lundgren's wedding
Charlie Seablom & Nathan Lundgren in Seattle
The Non-Reunion Get-Together
Helen Darby's Photos of the "Congles" Retreat
Randy & Kathy Nedegaard at the AF Ball
Rosario Night by Charlie Seablom
Auburn Brown!
Kathy Nedegaard's 2005 Winter Photos


Lois Nedegaard's Photos
Photos from Kay Lundgren's memorial service
Nathan Lundgren and Bethanie
Hilma in Hawaii, 2004
Ken Lundgren and his truck
Photos from Mary Zustiak
Suzy Bambrick's Landscaping
Cyndi Lundgren gets her Masters!
Charlie Seablom's May 2004 Oregon Trip
LCR II Photos from Helen Darby
Jessica Seablom Graduates
Nathan & Bethanie's new dog
Ken Lundgren's Reunion 2004 photos
Patty Sweetin's New Office
Suzy's Fun Portrait
Kevin Nedegaard's First Day at School
Hilma Lundgren's Wood Pile
Charlie Seablom's Reunion 2004 photos
Snow on Hilma's Shed
Marvin Hansen's Reunion 2004 photos
Duane Lundgren's Reunion 2004 photos
Charlie Seablom's Thanksgiving 2004 photos

2003 & Earlier

Photos from Patty Sweetin
Charlie's photo of John Seablom
Photos from Jenny Yount
Photos from Charlie Seablom
Photos from Suzy Bambrick
Photos from Years Past
Curt's photos from the 2001 Seablom Family Reunion & events
Photos from Don Chatfield and Others   2nd page   3rd page
Photo from Lois Nedegaard
Photos from Ken Lundgren
Photos of Curt Lundgren from WAY BACK!!!
Charlie's Photos from Joyce Mill's 75th birthday
Photos of Avery from Helen Hoftiezer
The Randy Nedegaard Family on Guam
Suzy Bambrick shows us a Lear Jet
Curt's Photos from LCR II and West Coast Trip
Charlie Seablom's LCR II Photos
Lois Darby's LCR II Photos
Suzy Bambrick's LCR II Reunion Photos
Fall Color Photos From the Family!!!
Don Chatfield's Motorcycle Trip Photos
Spam for breakfast? McDonalds on Guam!
Don & Terri Chatfield's House
The Dan Tvedt family with new members!
A Treasure - family photos from Joyce Mill!
Hilma Lundgren's Vehicles
Patty Sweetin's quilt made by Bertha Seablom
Lois Nedegaard's quilt made by Bertha Seablom and Della Degerstrom
Bertha Seablom and Diane Degerstrom, '49 or '50
Donny Seablom Gets His Bars
The Nedegaards Visit Underwater Guam
Jenny Yount at a Burn Exercise
Rose photos from Jenny Yount
The Randy Nedegaard Family in Los Angeles
Hilma Lundgren Turns 80!
Patty Sweetin and Family Members at the Peace Arch
Charlie Seablom's Photos from Steens Mountain, 2003
Photo of Hurricane Isabel from Kathy Nedegaard
Darren Alden Zustiak
Andrea & Alexandra Lundgren at Halloween
Duane's rolltop desk made from church pews
Mount Baker, December 2003 by Jenny Yount
Jon & Cyndi Lundgren's Katelyn and Christopher at Christmas 2003
Family Christmas Trees, 2003

Family History

In Grandma Seablom's words
The Marcus Morton Chatfield Family
Seablom Family Heirlooms
Helen Willson Chatfield's dresser
Ernest Coy Chatfield 1871-1916
Uncle Mina Chatfield - from Janet Oliver
Obituary for Marcus M. Chatfield Sr.
Mayflower Descendants - from Charlie Seablom

Reunion Group Photos

2006 Left Coast Reunion
2004 Midwest Reunion


Family Calendar -- birthdays, anniversaries, events!
Automatic Email Reminders
Family Address Book
Family News Archive
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Our Favorite Recipes (PDF)

Main Dishes
Aunt Melinda's Fruit Salad - from Suzy Bambrick
Baked Chicken Breast - from Patricia Lundgren
Beef Au Jus - from Patricia Lundgren
Chicken soup - from Curt Lundgren
Creamy Pepperoni Ziti - from Suzy Bambrick
Curt's Chipotle Baked Beans - from Curt Lundgren
Curt's Chili - from Curt Lundgren
Crock Pot Garlic Mashed Potatoes - from Curt Lundgren
Grape Broccoli Salad - from Pat Lundgren
Marinated Tomatoes - from Cindy Purifoy
One Pot Dinner - From Hilma Lundgren
Puttanesca Sauce - from Cindy Purifoy
Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas - from Cindy Purifoy
Swedish Limpa Bread - from Suzy Bambrick
Cheesecake - from Carolyn Reed
Della's Chocolate Upside-Down Cake - from Lois Nedegaard
Della's Goody Bars - from Lois Nedegaard
Lemon Bread - from Helen Darby
Della's Soft Molasses Cookies - from Lois Nedegaard
Della's Monster Cookies - from Lois Nedegaard
Panna Cotta dessert - from Suzy Bambrick
Peach Carousel Pie - from Ann Lundgren

Bertha's Favorites

As you go through life - Ella Wheeler Wilcox
"Boy in blue" - Unknown
Song of Marion's Men - William Cullen Bryant