Hilma Lundgren Turns 80!
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Alexandra Lundgren gives us a grin Andrea is coloring outside the lines! As a matter of fact, I'm ALWAYS on the move!
Here are a couple of nice poses on the couch Andrea and Grandma get along just fine Here's Mom's cake, with a few slices already cut
Is it still cool yet? The family is gathered, waiting for party guests to arrive Carol eats invisible food
They've arrived! We gather to honor Mom on her birthday. Mom at 80, Char at 82
Fresh from Guam, Lauren and granddad Mick Mom chats with party guests Here's the refurbished & raised Seablom family marker My little brother Russell's marker was fixed up too
The Seablom marker and Russell's marker are near neighbors at Vilstad cemetery Back & front of the Degerstrom family marker The Tvedt family marker
Here's the Lundgren family marker Mom, in her 4x4 on her way to church A couple of views of Ken & Pat's new camper trailer
The camper trailer and Mom's shed Mom's garden in late July Now this is a round bale!