Photos From Joyce Mill
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Bertha Seablom

Bertha Seablom, Charlie,
Karen and Don Seablom

Bertha Seablom
in the snow

Bertha Seablom
& Marvin Hansen

Bertha Seablom
& Mary Seablom
Mother's Day 1952

Bertha Seablom
with a smile
Chatfield Family

Donald Chatfield

Donald, young Donald
& Margaret Chatfield 1951
Degerstrom Family

The Degerstrom Family,
Christmas card

The original photo card,
made by Helen Hansen,
before retouching

Laverne Sparks, Lois, Janet
& Diane Degerstrom,
Brian, Duane & Ken
Lundgren, Bev Tvedt, 1950

Mareta & Doug
Degerstrom, Feb. '54

Mareta Degerstrom

Diane Degerstrom

Della, Charlotte
& Hilma, Jul. '55
Lundgren Family

Curt, Ken, Duane
& Brian Lundgren

Hilma Lundgren
Nov. '51

John Seablom &
Hilma Lundgren, Mar. '57

The Lundgren family

Suzy Lundgren, Sep. '58

Suzy Lundgren, Dec. '58
Tvedt Family

Bill, Bev & Char Tvedt

Smiling now!

Char & Bev

Bev, Helen & Bill Jr. in '54

Bill, Char, Bev, Helen,
Bill Jr., David

Tvedt Christmas '56
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