Posted March 10, 2002
Photos of Curt Lundgren
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Two photos of me in 1951, one with a very proud Dad and older brothers playing on the lawn

Yes, I confess. I used to be a blonde. I look pretty happy with that popsicle!

Was this the year of the twelve foot snowdrifts? Or was I pretty small at the time? Ken is on the left.

Speaking of Ken, how did he get here? Mom must have missed the pile when she placed this one.

Four boys and their transportation. I'm the only one with a chauffeur! Mitzi sits by the '51 Chevy pickup

I remember my first day of school. Lots of really big people around!

We must have had "custom" baling done -- Dad never owned a square baler.

Ah, the progression begins. Boy, was I cute!

My school photo and a color(!) photo with Joyce Hansen, who visited us and made pizza for us for the first time. The year was 1961.

I was this old when
JFK was shot.
Face it, kid -- you will
never grow a good
butch cut!
Yes, the Beatles had
their influence, even
in Askov MN!
Graduation --
it was 1968