Patty Sweetin at the Peace Arch
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Patty writes:
Here's the story behind these pictures. They were all taken in the Peace Arch Park, which is on the US-Canadian border in Blaine WA and White Rock, BC. The two that include Helen and Lois (one also Lorna and one also Peggy) were taken the day after the family reunion last year. All the others were taken on 8/02/03.

I've tried to give them labels to identify them. I think the family would be interested in seeing these pictures, as the Peace Arch contains an actual piece of the Mayflower ship. ParkHistory describes the history of the park and also states this fact.

PeaceArchCanadaSide is a straight on view of the Arch taken from the Canadian side and at the right of the arch the Mayflower plaque can barely be seen. ArchSideMayflrPlaque shows the plaque on the arch from a distance, and CloseupMayflrPlaqueOnArch is a close up view (I had to climb up onto the arch and still it was an upward view so the plaque doesn't appear rectangular though it actually is). And then there's a picture of me in the flowers and another of me and Les standing in front of a planted flag (they do this every year, for both the US and Canadian flags-just didn't get a picture of the US flag this time). So here it is, a piece of our ship on the US-Canadian border!!