2005 photos from Cindy Purifoy
Cousin time up in Minnesota: Blake (12), Emily (11), and Cory. We spent the day at my Uncle Gary's place. (My mom, Lois Nedegaard, is the oldest of 8 - Gary is the youngest which makes him just a year older than me. Emily understands that Gary's boys, Cory & Blake, are technically MY first cousins - but she claims them as her very own. Emily with her Great, Great Aunt Charlotte Tvedt at her home in Askov, MN.
Emily has been taking English Hunter/Jumper riding lessons for over a year. Horses are her life! Here she is riding her favorite school horse in a recent show. The show is over, and it's time to get the brush!
These gold finches allowed me to stand about four feet from them while snapping this photo.