Charlie Seablom's 2004 Seablom Family Reunion Photos
Rosehill Cemetery in Minot North Dakota
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Main family marker for the Mark Chatfield family Government marker for Marcus Chatfield Both markers together Wider view
Mark Chatfield's marker Gertrude's (wife) marker Gertrude's (daughter) marker Keith Grayson Chatfield's marker
The four preceding markers together  

Charlie writes:
On the way east I stopped in Minot, ND, to visit the Chatfield plot in Rosehill Cemetery. Ken and Pat had stopped there in 1999. When I took these photos it was late in the day and the sky was covered by dark clouds and it was sprinkling a bit. I didn't use flash and was expecting them to be a bit dark, but the camera seems to have compensated quite well.

Mark M. Chatfield (Marcus Morton Chatfield) was Bertha's brother and is our great uncle.

The government marker is a standard type - the same for all ranks.

In the 4th photo on the top row, the four flat markers behind these two are for (from the right) Mark, Gertrude (his wife), Gertrude (his daughter), and Keith (his brother). The latter two are not buried here.

The 4th photo in the second row is the marker for Keith Grayson Chatfield. He was killed in Europe November 29th, 1944 and is buried in the U.S. cemetery in Margraten, the Netherlands.

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