Duane Lundgren's 2004 Seablom Family Reunion Photos
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Ken, Charlie & Donny in the foreground The Nedegaard Mansion Nice low angle shot of Mary Mary, Hilma, the photographer
Mary, Hilma and Mitzi What? A wry smile from Mick? Mick reads the list of party rules to the guys Now it's Terri and Don's turn!
Thanks to Duane for this great view around the Nedegaard place. Who'd believe it's right next to Minneapolis/St. Paul?
No family reunion is complete without the young-uns Ah, the food! Marvin and Virginia are feasting Neil and Mareta in Degerstrom red The food must be good if people will line up for it!
I heard through the grapevine that the pork was "not bad." For the non-Minnesotans, this is to be understood as praise of the highest order. I have not had any reports of altercations in the competition for roast pork, which should be taken as a compliment to the planners for having ENOUGH. It's also a nice thing when a bulk milk tank can be reborn as a whole-hog barbecue!
Here's another look around the grounds. What a great location for the reunion!
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